Cayman Islands cuisine is in a big proportion very similar to Jamaican cuisine and it also preserved specific British influences. Traditional dishes are frequently prepared with fish, seafood, vegetables and spices. Fish and seafood are the main ingredients for any Cayman dish; the most popular are Tuna, turtle, Snapper, mackerel and Mahi-mahi which are usually prepared with tomato, Onion and peppers. Cayman Islands are considered to be the homeland of the Conch and Strombus Gigas, a type of Conch, has been the staple dish for ages. Conch is served marinated, in salads, in creamy chowders or in stews. People from Cayman Islands enjoy spicy dishes; a popular spicy sauce in Cayman Islands is chili sauce made of tomatoes, onions, vinegar and peppers. Fish is served for lunch or for dinner grilled, marinated, on salads, stewed and it is also served for breakfast with ackee which is an egg-shaped fruit whose taste is similar to scrambled eggs.

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